Yellow Pages released new research today showing the majority of Aussie homeowners (84%) have tasks around their home yet to be completed, with the average homeowner having 13 outstanding tasks on the list. Research revealed overestimating the cost of tradies might be preventing them from seeking the help they need to tick off jobs. 

A survey of over one thousand Australian homeowners and more than 300 tradespeople found that for 6 in 7 Aussies their home to-do lists are getting longer. One cause is that Aussies believe the work is too expensive to complete, yet on average, homeowners overestimate the hourly rates tradies charge by 43% - and in some cases by as much as 90%.

Worryingly, the impact of growing to-do lists is also having a profound effect on our personal lives, with more than three in five Australian homeowners admitting unfinished tasks are taking their toll within the home and have made them stressed or caused tension in their relationship.

Alice Mentiplay, Group Manager - Yellow Pages Digital said if Aussie homeowners were aware that hiring a tradie is, in fact, much cheaper than they expect, it might also help to reduce some of the tension to-do lists are causing between partners.

“At Yellow Pages – Australia’s most comprehensive selection of qualified local service providers – there’s no need to misjudge hourly rates as we connect Aussies to the right tradesperson for the job every three seconds2 and make life easier with quote requests at the click of a button,” she said.

A lack of time (51%) to do the jobs, and partners adding additional items to the list (28%) means Aussies are ticking off less, and as a result, putting up with unfinished jobs from six months up to over a year. General maintenance tasks are the most common (54%), including cleaning gutters, replacing tiles, re-grouting as well as aesthetic improvements such as painting and decorating or putting up shelves.

At the same time, research revealed nearly 3 in 5 (59%) homeowners are planning some kind of project on their home within the next two years. Research indicated that renovation shows have increased the home improvement fixation by producing more ideas and inspiration for Aussies to do more around the home.

Lana Taylor, renovations expert from Three Birds Renovations said that some home improvement shows can set unrealistic expectations, leading people to believe a few DIY quick and simple home upgrades will enhance its appearance and value – but there’s much more to it.

 “It is important people understand the challenges and risks involved when taking on home projects – big and small – as it’s natural to try and cut corners to save money and time where possible. It is not always as easy as it looks, so it is essential to research and invest in the right areas,” she said.

“There are many ways to save money in a renovation without compromising the end result. We know that local tradies have years of invaluable experience under their belt, and it’s easy to find competitive and affordable quotes to suit any budget."

According to Lana Taylor, before even starting a project Aussies should consider the following:

  1. Know your capabilities. Remember, TV ‘reno’ shows have experts on hand behind the scenes to guide them. Anything that involves electrical work, plumbing, asbestos, window repairs, roof repairs and tree removal – needs a tradie
  2. Set a budget. Knowing your limits is crucial – sometimes DIY-ing can cost you more in equipment, time and repairs than if you used a good tradie
  3. Work smart and write a list of your jobs that outlines exactly which tradie needs to do what
  4. Write a clear brief and expectations – once you know what you need to do, they will too
  5. Get quotes from at least three local tradies with good reviews – price isn't everything 

With over 100,000 tradies listed, Yellow Pages makes it easier to help Aussies get jobs done fast by connecting more Aussies to the right tradesperson for the job than any other Australian directory.

At, homeowners can request a quote at the click of a button, just add personal details and the quotes will roll in to get the jobs ticked off.