White Pages transformation

Sensis-owned directory service White Pages today announced the completion of a significant 12-month upgrade of its business -the largest in its 136 year history.

White Pages Executive General Manager Stephen Palmer said the comprehensive systems, processes and technology transformation was driven by the need to address the conundrum of how people now connect in a digitally-led world.

"We used to connect with a business, a Government service or with other people using one of three ways. You could ring them, send a letter or visit them in person. These days, there is a myriad of ways we connect, including email, online, social media, live chat and SMS," he said.

"This also means businesses and Government departments need a way to prioritise how they manage all those contact points. The new White Pages platform helps them do this simply, so they can concentrate on providing better customer service."

The systems, processes and technology transformation program included moving the White Pages business to a cloud-based platform, re-engineering internal systems and moving to a world class CRM program in order to futureproof the business. The platform has launched with a responsive website, an intuitive app and a completely new search capability.

It has also drastically simplified the product offering. The new White Pages has streamlined around 45,000 legacy print-led product combinations to seven simple digital-first customisable products, making it far easier for businesses to manage their listings.

"I'm really proud that we have the expertise within our Melbourne-based team to build and execute this complex overhaul. It was really important that we built a platform for Australians in Australia," said Mr Palmer.

"Innovation has always been part of White Pages' DNA We were one of the first directories created in the world. We were the first directory to digitise. And we are still the only White Pages in the world to remain a significant commercial concern.

"We've had no international role models, so we've had to build this new platform in a unique environment from the ground up."

The new White Pages is the most up-to-date directory listing in Australia, processing and reviewing over 33,500 businesses and listings every day. Instead of having to wait a week to update information, the new systemmakes changes live within ten minutes.

“White Pages is still Australia’s most trusted directory. With the new platform and our unique proactive customer updates, we are also the most accurate directory in the country,” said Mr Palmer.

The new build has enabled the team to finally get rid of a cumbersome and inflexible base and create a responsive and agile platform able to evolve with the communication and connection demands of the future.

As well as the relaunch of the White Pages product suite, the brand has also received its first refresh since the 1990s, which will be supported by a major advertising campaign.

“The old brand was created to look good on the cover of the book. Now, the first point of contact is more likely to via a digital device. Designed in a mobile-first environment, the new branding reflects the simplicity and efficiency of the White Pages,” said Mr Palmer.

For many small businesses, a White Pages listing is their only online presence. With around 200,000 paid customers, White Pages is a vital part of most Australian business’ marketing mix. Importantly, it also connects Australians to the local office of many large organisations such as the Department of Human Services.

“Our purpose has not changed since 1880 – we exist to connect people quickly and easily – it’s just how we do it that has changed dramatically. We have built this new platform to give us a foundation that helps us maintain those connections now and well into the future,” Mr Palmer said.


About White Pages

  • White Pages has built a completely new cloud-based, flexible platform which is a solid base for the future of the brand.
  • White Pages updates its listings daily by proactively calling customers, contacting them via our national team and by working with Australia’s telcos.
  • On average in 2015, we processed 12.2 million new business and residential telephone connections, which equates to 33,530 updates of information every day1
  • With our website whitepages.com.au, nearly 1.3 million people use White Pages Online to make over 5.2 million searches a week2
  • In our White Pages print product, over 1.8 million people use the White Pages Book to make over 5 million searches a week3
  • Across the White Pages network of products, over 3.4 million people used the White Pages Network to make over 14.4 million searches a week4
  • whitepages.com.au is ranked the 4th most popular website5 in ‘Busines and Finance – Business Directories’.
  • White Pages uniquely offers a multichannel platform for consumers and advertisers that spans across mobile, online, voice and print, with 24/7 access to contact details for Businesses, Government organisations and people.
Sources: 1 Genesys, 2015. 2 Roy Morgan Research Single Source (Australia 14+): Jun 2015. 3 ibid. 4 ibid. 5 Hitwise, Jun 2016.