Australians share reviews via mobile

The latest data from TrueLocal shows that consumer reviews via mobile have increased by 25 per cent in just 12 months. While there’s still a way to go to catch up to desktop, Bradley Taylor, Head of Product at TrueLocal, suggests this growth demonstrates a new immediacy among Australians looking to share insights with their peers.

Australia’s popular online business directory and review website has analysed its mobile data in the 12 months since July 2013 to unveil Australia’s reviewing habits and highlight the services that consumers are most likely to discuss online by handheld devices.

The findings show it could be the love of a good haircut – or the trauma of a dodgy new style –that drives Australians to review via mobile the most. Hairdressers are the number one reviewed service on TrueLocal via its mobile site, suggesting that when it comes to motivation to share with peers, vanity comes out on top.

While grooming may be a hot topic, finding the perfect tasting experience is also top of mind for many Australians, with takeaways featuring in second place and restaurants in third. In fact, TrueLocal’s data suggests that most mobile reviewers may be leaving feedback shortly after their meal, with the most restaurant reviews in a single hour taking place at 9pm. Bradley suggests there is a change in the way we share our dining experiences online: “It wasn’t that long ago that Australians started snapping and sharing images and comments on their meals via social media. Now, the trend is to give deeper insight into the full dining experience.”

Beauty salons feature fourth on the list followed by mechanics, suggesting that finding someone good under the hood is something to shout about.

According to Bradley, “Whether it’s an outstanding meal, unforgettable massage or just a great-value car service, Australians are more eager now than ever to make their voice heard. And it’s not just consumers who are on the move that are embracing mobile. We’ve actually found that our peak time for mobile reviews is between 9pm-10pm, suggesting that sharing an experience may now be a pre-bedtime ritual for many Australians.”

Looking at who is reviewing via mobile, the most motivated group to review via mobile are 26-35 year olds who make up more than half (57%) of all mobile reviews on TrueLocal, followed by 35-50 year olds (32%).