Aussies get busy this November

What does the end of the year hold for you? Not just parties and holiday planning, according to new digital data released by today.

Yellow Pages has taken a look at almost 70 million searches from its website to provide insights into what people are searching for at this time of the year, providing a closer look at what we get up to during the Summer months.

The information uncovered reveals Aussies use the end of the year as a time for reflection, an opportunity to get their homes prepared for the year ahead, sprucing things up and even moving house to achieve a fresher outlook on life come 2015.


Mixing It Up

Aussies are on the move, with November the time of year with the highest searches for furniture removalists.

Spring Greens

Late November and early December also mark a time for green thumbs to get busy, causing a spike in searches for lawn cutting, maintenance and landscapers.

Escaping the Silly Season

With the party season full steam ahead, it’s not surprising the third week of December is the busiest of the year for those of us with tired feet seeking cabbies to drive us home after end-of-year celebrations.

Car Loving Care

The Christmas holiday period is also the time to give vehicles a bit of TLC, as January sparks the most active searches for motor engineers, auto parts and recyclers, tyre suppliers, panel beaters and auto electricians.


The data also showed the top year-round searches were:

  • Doctors and dentists
  • Restaurants
  • Hairdressers and beauty salons
  • Plumbers and gasfitters
  • Electrical contractors
  • Motor engineers and repairs


In addition to taking a look at national trends, has also explored Australia’s Eastern seaboard to produce illustrated maps of each metro location, broken down by council region to show the top search in each area. Each council region has been renamed to demonstrate what it’s best known for in the online search world.

While we all know Melbourne is best known for its café culture, and searches for restaurants in the CBD certainly reflect that, the illustrated maps also reveal a definite “Health Hub” in the West of the city, where people are searching for all sorts of medical solutions, from pharmacies to doctors to medical centres.

In Sydney, the illustrated maps uncovered a “Bay of Beauty”, with searches from Botany Bay to Manly highlighting searches for everything from hairdressers to beauticians.

The four corners of Brisbane each have their own flavour with everything from fast food to holidays, clothing to healthcare covered off, all tied together with the “Lair of Legal Eagles” at the heart of the city.

Evan Ravensdale, General Manager of Yellow Pages Digital, said the data provided fascinating insights into what Australian’s are really looking for online.

“What’s interesting about data is that often if people are looking for a service on the site, they’re looking to take action. This means the information we’ve uncovered gives a very real snapshot of consumer behaviour.

“In particular, our study of metro locations on the Eastern Seaboard reflects each regions’ trending searches, with higher searches for childcare services and supermarkets in areas with a high population of young families, and more searches for nursing homes in areas with lots of seniors.”

The data has been unveiled as the brand lifts the lid on its fresh new look. The site already attracts 9.5 million visits each month as it looks to help even more Australian’s connect with local businesses.