Sensis Business Index March 2018

Small and medium businesses’ (SMBs) confidence in the manufacturing industry rose 20 points in the previous quarter, to a net score of +55 – the highest confidence level recorded since 2008.  Perceptions about the state of the economy rose 3 points to +17, continuing its trend upward since June last year. This is the highest score we’ve seen since December 2010.

Sensis CEO, John Allan said: “The upturn in business confidence in the manufacturing industry is quite remarkable, with confidence in the sector now the highest since the GFC in 2008 – and since our available records. It is also only the second time in 10 years that manufacturing confidence has outpaced wider business confidence, and the first time we have recorded such a commanding lead. At 23 points above wider business confidence, these are levels we simply haven’t seen before.”

The Sensis Business Index, which reflects the views of 1,000 small and medium businesses from across Australia, also showed SMBs are increasingly positive about Federal Government policies - particularly businesses within the Cultural, Recreational and Personal Services, and Finance and Insurance sectors.

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