1. I/We request SENSIS PTY LTD (“Sensis”) to automatically debit charge the amount referred to on my Order(s) from my/our Credit Card on the due date or within two business days from that date.

2. I/We certify that I/We are the authorised signatories needed to authorise Sensis charge the nominated Credit Card.

3. You must confirm your Credit Card details by physically checking the Credit Card. 

4. Sensis Pty Ltd irrevocably agrees that this request will only be used in connection with the amount referred to in your Order(s). 

5. IMPORTANT NOTE: CREDIT CARD PAYMENT PROCESSING FEE. For payments made by Visa, MasterCard or American Express a Payment Processing Fee of 0.64% (including GST) of the payment amount will be applied on the day the payment is made.  For payments made by Diners Club a Payment Processing Fee of 1.85% (including GST) of the payment amount will be applied on the day the payment is made.  These fees are subject to change.

6. Sensis will provide 14 days notice to you in writing if the terms of this agreement are to change.  Please telephone our Customer Service department on 1800 001 552 should you wish to:

  • Defer a drawing

  • Suspend the Direct Debit Request

  • Alter a drawing amount

  • Cancel the Direct Debit Request

  • Stop an individual drawing.

7. Please note Sensis requires three business days notice to act on your request.  If you dispute any drawing amount or the reason of drawing you must first contact Sensis on 1800 001 552.  Sensis undertakes to address your query within seven business days.  If your query is not addressed within this period the disputed amount will be refunded until the matter has been resolved.  If the due date of the drawing falls on a public holiday or a non business day, Sensis will direct debit your Credit Card within two business days from the drawing date.  If you are uncertain when the charge will be processed you should contact your financial institution directly. Should a dishonour occur as a result of any drawing under this request, a further attempt by us to draw may be made within five business days or by mutual agreement by telephone. An administration fee may be applied.

8. Sensis is committed to the protection of your personal details.  Sensis’ Privacy Collection Statement is available athttp://about.sensis.com.au/Privacy-Collection-Statement. You consent to Sensis using a third party for the secure storage of your credit card details or releasing your account information to investigate with your and Sensis' financial institutions any possible incorrect debits.

9. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Credit Card account can accept direct debit drawings, and sufficient funds are in your Credit Card account to cover the direct debit at the time of drawing.