You’ll know how your ads are performing with our reporting.

Marketing’s an investment, not an expense. So keep an eye on your return on investment and make sure you’re getting what you need out of your advertising.

Our Advertiser Performance reporting lets you see how your digital campaign is performing. So you have all the information you need to evaluate your advertising effectiveness.

Your Advertiser Performance Report helps you understand the number of people interacting with your digital products – whether it’s your website, Yellow Pages online listing or search engine marketing. The reports are easy to understand and designed to help you manage your marketing.

Reporting dashboard

The smart way to find out how many calls your advertising generates.

It’s easy to measure click throughs and page visits, but how do you track it when someone jots down your phone number and gives you a buzz?

That’s where Sensis Call Tracking comes in.

To measure the calls your advertising generates, we publish a unique number in your ad. Calls to this number are immediately forwarded to your normal business number (and get through to you as they usually would), but it lets us count how many leads came from your advertising with us. 

Participating in our Call Tracking program is easy. We’ll set it all up for you – if you already have services with Sensis, ask your rep about adding Call Tracking. The tracked number is simply an additional number managed by us and any set up and diversion costs are covered by Sensis.

Ultimately, Call Tracking shows you how confident we are in our products – we’re so sure they’ll work for your business that we go out of our way to prove it.

Call Tracking

Don't just take our word for it...

Thousands of Aussie businesses trust Sensis to get customers clicking, and calling.

Hear the stories of some of our customers, and see how we can do the same for you.

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